Sirao Flower Garden in Cebu City: To Visit or Not to Visit?3 mins read

Last June, with so little time on our hands, I and two of my closest friends planned a DIY tour in Cebu City, Philippines. The first one on our list was Sirao Flower Garden in Busay. Also referred to as Sirao Flower Farm, the garden boasts of its flower varieties that will attract your eyes as soon as you enter the garden.

Note: Currently, there are two gardens in Sirao; we were able to visit the original one. Back then, I believe the Pictorial Garden and Camping Site or PGCS with a swimming pool has not opened yet.

To Visit or Not to Visit

As early as now, I’ll answer the question in my title. YES. It is worth visiting, and seeing the garden made me understand the hype it received before 10,000 Roses Cafe became a smash hit on the internet. Sirao Flower Garden is a must-visit location for tourists and locals. It’s easily accessible wherever you are in Cebu. If you don’t have a private vehicle, you can simply go to J.Y. Square Mall and drivers of motorcycles (called habal-habal in Cebuano) will immediately approach you. In our experience, we were still riding the jeepney when the drivers started calling out “Sirao Garden,” “Tops,” and “Temple of Leah,” which are some of the famous tourist spots on our DIY tour list. From there, we were able to hire two motorcycles to take us to the three spots. We paid Php600.00 (if my memory serves me right), good for two people or one motorcycle. The drivers also gave us an hour for picture-taking for each spot, and we tried our best to be as vain as we could be in front of our own cameras. In our case, we spend around 40 to 50 minutes taking photos in this garden before heading on to the Tops Lookout.

Areas in Sirao Flower Garden


Walking down the entrance is like walking down the aisle! The garden is an excellent spot for prenuptial photo sessions. In fact, while we were there, a session was being held. The garden is filled with flowers, but I guess we visited at the wrong time when some flowers have not fully bloomed yet. Speaking of flowers, even though it’s dubbed as the Little Amsterdam of Cebu, you shouldn’t expect it to have hyacinths and tulips. After all, it’s difficult to grow these flowers in a hot climate. To make up for this shortcoming, the garden chose to feature lovely celosia flowers growing in fuchsia, orange, and yellow. Other flowers such as aster, chrysanthemum, daisy, rose, and sunflower can also be seen in the garden. It also has stunning settings to make your photos beautiful and vibrant, whether or not you’ll post them on Facebook or Instagram. The entrance fee costs Php100.00, which, I believe, is worth it. Although there aren’t many flowers as you would expect in a flower farm, the captivating areas the garden offers make the place worth the visit.

I don’t usually take selfies, but I also don’t go to Cebu often, so I grabbed the opportunity! Just so you know, this was the first time I’ve been to the city, and I must say, it has a lot of tourist spots for a small town.

A small windmill for the Little Amsterdam of the South? Why not? In that picture, I secretly felt like I was Cinderella. Don’t tell my friends!

Life has its ups and downs, but I’m gonna keep swinging. Literally.

A fantastic view makes a woman feel beautiful. Don’t you agree?

Travel Tips

  1. Visit during the day. Well, it goes without saying, but you’ll appreciate the colors of the flowers a lot more when the sun is up. Besides, natural lighting is what you should aim for, especially in this kind of environment.
  2. Charge all your gadgets’ batteries. Who wouldn’t get frustrated seeing that Low Battery warning pop up on a gadget while taking pictures? To avoid encountering this disappointing notification, make sure sure you charge your phones and other gadgets you’re about to use to take photos (tablets, cameras, etc.) before you travel to Sirao.
  3. Take as many angles as you can. Sirao Flower Garden has a lot of Instagram-worthy backgrounds, but you have to make sure you take photos in different angles to get the best picture of one area. Most of the time, the lower the angle, the better the image.
  4. Riding a motorcycle is the quickest way to reach the site, even if you have a private car. The only concern is your safety. Make sure you inform the driver to be careful and to avoid overtaking more than necessary.
  5. Be patient. If you’re visiting the garden together with many others, you need to patiently wait for your turn to take your picture with on an area. If you don’t care about having people in the background of your photo, then disregard this tip. However, if you’re particular about your pictures, then fall in line if there is a line. If there isn’t, step forward a bit to show that you’re next or you can politely inform the person that you wish to take your picture after him/her.
  6. Practice using the GoPro (if you’ll use one). Honestly, I was not able to take a lot of decent videos because I had trouble adjusting to the GoPro. I was used to the front camera of my phone that I totally forgot that a GoPro does not have a front camera display. After watching my videos, it was clear that I should’ve practiced. How I wish someone told me this tip before our trip! 

Video Tour

Finally, I am gifting you with a video tour I took from a borrowed GoPro camera (thanks, Kuya Jed). Forgive me if I was not able to make videos professionally. Not only was it my first time in Cebu, but it was also my first time to use a GoPro cam. Talk about being a newbie!

I hope you enjoyed that video! Feel free to comment and get in touch with me! Also, do me a favor and subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel. Cheers!

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