The Burger: Tourism in the Philippines3 mins read

Are you aware that there are 256 shades of grey if you use an anti-aliasing software but only 30-50 shades are perceptible to the human eye? Likewise, there’s more to the Philippines than meets the eye. By and large, when the word “tourism” reaches their auditory nerves, people think about hotels, sightseeing, travels, and income. Tourism actually brings in large amounts of income in payment for goods and services available, accounting for 30% of the world’s export services and 6% of overall exports of products and services.1Tourism, although considered global leisure, is vital for most countries especially in the aspect of a business.

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Burger Patty

Tourism is like the patty in a burger. It’s the main filling that gives that salty and juicy taste. It’s the stimulating ingredient we’re all excited to eat. It’s the meat; it’s what the burger can offer. Tourism in the Philippines is what gives color to the place. It’s the exciting topic we’re all excited to take part of. It accentuates what the site can offer. It’s the patty of the country. On the other side of the road, the effects of Tourism can be represented by other ingredients. Let me break down the other components of today’s special burger. First, the lettuce, the second is the cheese, the third is what I like to call the ketchup, and finally, the buns.


In the Manila Declaration on World Tourism of 1980, Tourism was deemed as an activity valuable to the life of nations because of its direct effects on the social, cultural, educational, and economic sectors of national societies and their international relations.With this statement, we can say that traveling from place to place offers more than recreational benefits. It can go beyond the limit, it can accelerate, and it can go further.  Tourism causes citizens to think, analyze, and implement new economic activities for the sake of “seducing” tourists to come and drop by the country, have fun, and perchance spend a lot of money during their stay. Because of new and effective activities, the existence of gradual, sustainable development becomes noticeable. That becomes the lettuce of the burger, which of course, gives a substantial effect to our bodies as thinking does to the brain.


Tourism is one of the planet’s largest economic sectors. I don’t have to specify all its functions to make you believe that it’s as significant as the thumb on your hand. The outcome can depict how essential it is. The cheese now becomes the manner by which we highlight the goods and services of the country which actually encouraged and still encourages a lot of investors to be a part of our trade and industry. Like the cheese, investors give additional salty taste to the patty of the burger.


Tourists are like mosquitoes called Culex Quinquefasciatus. These brown mosquitoes, commonly found in tropical areas, are like any other mosquito—they are attracted to blood and carbon dioxide. If the two are present, you can never try to shoo (or schowe in Middle English) them away even after you drench your entire body on a bathtub of green cross, biogenic, and band-aid alcohol. Whenever there are tourist spots that seem to be worth the money they plan to spend, tourists will always acknowledge and appreciate them whether we’re geared up or not. The existence of tourist spots encourages them to personally see the whole place and recommend it to the people they know. Once they become addicted to the products and services of the city, it will have a long-lasting effect on them like the taste of tomato ketchup that sticks in the rims of your tongue and affects the scent of your breath. That addictive effect is the ketchup.


Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Tourism does give numerous advantages. Because of the relations we have with other countries, we build communication and trust as well. That then becomes the minced onions of the burger. It gives that unique taste that supplements other ingredients. It is but strange if we cannot see the patty of a burger. Although the buns are what I consider the most important, which I define to be the identity of the country, I can’t help thinking I must give credit to the patty for being so dark that it turns out to be the first thing I look at in a burger.


Without a pinch of doubt, there really are more than 200 shades of grey we haven’t seen yet. I trust that we will soon perceive them in time especially if, while doing so, we’re enjoying the existence of our luscious, heart-stopping, and saliva-dropping burger patty.

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