Tops Lookout: The Famed Panoramic Deck of Cebu City, Philippines2 mins read

If you’ve read my post about Sirao Flower Garden, you’ll know that this was part of our DIY tour in the Queen City of the South, which we finished in one day. Tops Lookout offers an excellent view of Cebu thanks to its location. The tourist spot, located at Barangay Malubog, Busay, Cebu City, is popular because there is no better place to take a good look at Cebu City than from this viewpoint.

How to Get There

From Sirao Flower Garden, we rode the same motorcycle we hired earlier (from J.Y. Square Mall) and traveled around 15 to 20 minutes to Tops Lookout. If you are from any point in Cebu City, and you only wish to visit this site, you’ll have to pay Php300.00 for the fare starting from J.Y. Square Mall. Note that this mall is where the starting point is when you don’t have a private vehicle. 

What You Should Expect

Before you reach the deck, you’ll be welcomed by a stone-paved wall. To your left are the cafe and the souvenir shop. Snacks and drinks are available there. A comfort room is also accessible from this side. To your right, you’ll see a few rooms divided uniquely (more of this later).

The gorgeous panoramic view, which is best enjoyed at sunset, is a perfect place to relax. Seeing the magnificent art of the Creator from this deck will take all your worries away. The site casts a magic spell that whoever enters it becomes in awe of both human-made and God-made creation.

The concrete structure with various rooms subdivided by walls with circular openings is proof that humans are creative. The structure is also a great place to unwind, feast, and chat with friends since every room has its own table and bench.

That structure, however, is no match for the greatest artist of all time, our Creator. Gazing at the natural beauty before you will make you feel grateful, blessed, and inspired. The view that the Tops Lookout provides is like a canvas of His grace, His mercy, and His love. The grayish blue skies, the vibrant green leaves, and the blue bodies of water–they are all a spectacle of the greatness of His works. It’s the best place to observe nature while listening to relaxing music with your earphones. As soon as you visit this place, you’ll feel light as a feather, as if a burden has been lifted from your shoulders.

More pictures here

Video Tour

Below is a short video tour I made for your reference. Forgive me if I was unable to include the cafe and souvenir sections in the video. 

My Reply to the Negative Feedback

I’ve read a few reviews online about this place before we visited it, saying the Php100.00 entrance fee was too much for a place that doesn’t offer much. Well, to these naysayers, I say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” What might be lacking for them could be a place for tranquility for some. Those who did not enjoy the site are probably people who don’t appreciate nature that much. I don’t have anything against them, but personally, that entrance fee was worth it because I was able to find inner peace like Kung Fu Panda even just for a while. If you’ve been agitated for a while now and you’re looking for a place in Cebu City to loosen up, then the Tops Lookout is very much welcome to offer its services for you. For me, Php100.00 is not too much if what you’ll pay for is a gorgeous piece of art that can take your troubles away. If you want to be calm and alone, then, by all means, spend that hundred pesos for yourself. 

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